Prairie Update and Gossip

Curious what a prairie looks like just over a month after planting?
The soil quality variation across the site can be clearly seen here in the plant growth (best soil variable, generally to the right). The mammoth grey stripe sunflowers I planted are the only plants that were immediately identifiable.  The rest is mostly… grass. Which it should be, but unfortunately I am not really able to tell grasses apart.


I’m back from a two week trip to Europe where I visited Iceland (southwest coast), England (Hexham, York, London) and Belgium (Yepers and Brussels). I may post some of my drone footage later on this blog. Regardless it was fun, and you can head over to my Instagram account to get a peek at some of the places I went.
In other news, my dad has purchased himself a 3D printer. He’s been wanting to do so for years, and has been a regular customer of companies that will print parts for you. Now, he can do that himself.
It’s a Raised Pro2 Plus 3D Printer
Pro2 Plus 3D Printer
Hopefully I’ll find time to play with that soon.
Stray farm sightings: a swallowtail and an oriole nest precariously hanging on the hops vines. Taken with a cellphone, hence the poorer quality.
At the farm, the mosquitoes were horrible. I made the mistake of going into the ravine in a t-shirt. Even with bug spray on, and only down in the ravine for five minutes while measuring a potential site for a dam, I got 14 bites.
Added to project list: mosquito genocide.