Cutting Bed Mist Irrigation System

When I learned most of what I know about cuttings, it was in Hort 1001: Plant Propogation in a university greenhouse. In addition to being the nicest place on campus in the middle of winter, it was also a perfectly maintained facility.
Alas, now I am on my own, and must make my own systems.
Therefore, I give you, PVC!

Beautiful PVC

More specifically, five feet of 1/2 inch PVC, five mist heads from Orbit, a PVC to hose adapter, and a bright yellow end cap.
My dad wasn’t much impressed at first. He prefers his drip hoses and rather impressive sprinkler irrigation system in the raised bed. Yet the style of irrigation I am creating here is actually quite similar to that used in many fancier horticultural establishments.
I glued it all together, one head every 10″, waited two hours, and then fired the system up. I borrowed an extra Bluetooth controlled sprinkler timer, which had built in misting functions. I’ve now got it misting for 15 seconds every fifteen minutes from 8 am – 7 pm.
Only catch is my improvised mounting system, staked into the top of the raised bed, is too high and on windy days like yesterday much of the mist is lost. So for now I only planted some trial cuttings in the closest part of the bed to the misters. We’ll wait and see if they survive a week, then improvise from there.
Testing the system.

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