Farm Early Summer Check-in

It has been roughly a month since wearing a jacket became unnecessary on most outdoor excursions. In that time, helped by ample rain, the ground has gone from barren to jungle-thick vegetation.

The biggest change, of course, is the new driveway.

Being a six inch slab, the new driveway has rather a bit of a drop-off from the sides.

There has been a fair amount of rain and wind, together they are responsible for the downing of a massive section of a cottonwood down at the edge of our property.

It is going to take quite some work to clean this up.

The earliest of spring’s crops, the lettuce, are approaching usable size.

Fedco’s Winter Letuce Mix, some young romaine, and a few onion seedlings in the background.

This year we have a record large potato patch (mixed with some squash) and it actually looks to be doing quite well. Here’s hoping they don’t all die from disease as is commonly an issue. These were planted in a new spot far from where potatoes have been grown before.

On the prettier side, the strawberries are beginning to bear fruit in earnest. This patch is a large collection of runners brought down from our old house at Katie Lane, so honestly no idea what variety they are exactly. It has been shown that the chickens will devour strawberries, as will other wild animals, so currently the plants are covered by netting.

Most vegetables still look rather frail.

Tomatoes, foreground, and hops growing like weeds in the background. Green, green, green.

A number of plants are blooming. The lilies are just starting to the bloom, the peonies are just finished. The thyme and salvia are both covered in purple blooms, and the thyme in particular is a carpet of small bumblebees.

A Red-Spotted Purple butterfly on the blooms of a dwarf mock orange.

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