A Little Patchwork

Sewing has never been a particularly strong hobby of mine. The actual sewing is easy enough, but all the other parts – sizing, cutting fabric, and so on, make it all terribly difficult. Still, here we have me investing a few hours after which I felt immensely satisfied. Something broken was made a useful tool again, to be exact two pairs of pants with ripped out sections near the knee were made usable, if not exactly professional, again.

To make this happen, I had purchased about $20 worth of denim, of which I used less than 1% (there was a minimum online order amount, and I am sure I will find uses for denim again in the future). I cut out squares of fabric slightly larger than the affected area. I pinned in the edges then pinned it over the holes. The sewing machine proved treacherous. I am not exactly sure why, I think the first thread I had on there was too weak and was breaking too often, or something at any rate from the process of switching bobbin and spool to a stronger thread made things work again. My stitches aren’t perfect straight lines or anything, but that shouldn’t matter as these repaired pants are unlikely to be used for formal dinners, job interviews, or anywhere else where appearance supposedly maters.

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