Pixel 5a Phone Screen Replacement

Sister breaks newish phone (Pixel 5A), but it’s still connect, just the screen is dead.

Seems a shame to throw all that away, but usually repair shops are more expensive than just buying a new phone.

Timely fact was this Verge article in the news feed announcing the availability of official Google parts on iFixit.

No parts in stock, but signed up for a notifications, and a few weeks later got a screen. $100 with tools.

Removal of screen was a worrisome affair, taking lots of force to accomplish. But up it came.

Instructions were less clear on reassembly, but it was just hooking up the new ribbon cable, applying new adhesive, and snapping together.


Okay, enough of that weird style of speaking. The point of this story is that replacing the screen was not actually that hard, and I definitely recommend that others try the procedure if they break a phone screen.

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