Lively "Downtown" Neenah

Today, I got to see displays of living people pretending to be mannequins. That is, today is a “Very Neenah Christmas.” Apparently what is ‘very Neenah’ is to be a mannequin: so fake, ostentatious, and oddly proportioned?
Who ever would have thought, that, when moving from a big city to a small city like Neenah, that I would have ended up more immersed in community events? It’s all location, location, location. See, I live right next to the Neenah Public Library, Arrowhead Park, City Hall, and, a block away, Main Street.
To date there’s been:

  • Two Music Festivals (small)
  • An Indian Intertribal Powwow
  • Neenah/Fox Valley/Something Marathon (finished here)
  • Weekly Farmer’s Markets with various themes
  • High School’s Homecoming
  • Halloween Bash (‘Boofest’)
  • Neenah Christmas Festival (‘A Very Neenah Christmas’)
  • Countless Library Events

Of course, as my friend Holly says, the reason these events seem to be surprisingly popular is because there’s nothing else to do around here. A good point, that.

My snow man. Holly did the face. He’s melted a bit in the last week, but was still surrounded by kids during today’s festivals.

Living Mannequins. One of dozens.


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