Tomato Pineapple ‘Hawaiian-style’ Soup Recipe

In a moment of sheer evil madness, while eating a more sophisticated potato soup, my mind came up with the idea of a ‘Hawaiian’ style soup. Hawaiian in the sense of the the pizza, which this tastes similar to, named because of the pineapple and with no relation to real Hawaiian culture. I was unable to find anything similar in a quick internet search, so now I get to share this concoction with the world and claim it was my own (although it would hardly be surprising if others have also dreamed this up).

Channeling the 1950’s, this comes from canned goods, but it could be upgraded with a homemade tomato soup, smoked ham, and more refined seasoning. This serves four with a decent bowlful. More than 4 cups of soup could be used for a ‘more dilute’ and less hearty soup, 6 cups would likely work well. 20 oz’s of pineapple is a relatively large amount, if you aren’t so keen on the pineapple you could cut that amount in half and still have plenty.

12 oz can / 340gSpam, ham, or similar, cut into small cubes
20 oz can / 567gPineapple, in small pieces
2 cans / 4 cups / 1.1kgReady-made Tomato Soup
~ 2 tspOregano or similar Italian Seasoning
1onion, finely diced (optional)
Serving Suggestion: toasted bagels with cheese or grilled cheese sandwhiches
Lightly brown spam over medium-high heat in a large sauce pan. Add pineapple and onion and cook until softened (or browned). Add tomato soup and heat to boiling. Ideally, allow the soup to simmer for 30-60 minutes on low heat, but it may be eaten immediately.
Initial production batch of ‘Hawaiian’ style soup, circa 2023, somewhere in Minnesota

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