Fruit Tree Planting 2021

My mom and I both ordered rather more fruit trees than we really needed. In particular my mother ordered four Yellow Transparents, because she really wanted to make sure we had something like the old yellow apple which we love but is aging.

I got quite a few more than four trees, but most were headed for the new hedge along the south side of the field near the road. It already contains a mix of trees, some dwarf apples dad wanted moved from elsewhere, some arbor day flowering shrubs, and the hazelnuts and elderberries from last year. This year, another hazelnut, two chokecherries, and two Samyl elderberries were added. I am quite excited to see how this turns out.

A yellow transparent and a Liberty apple got planted by the house. In the orchard, another highly disease resistant apple got planted, Pristine. Our area has a number of endemic apple diseases, and since we don’t spray, disease resistance is useful! Fireblight and cedar-apple rust appear to be common. To this also was added a Red Haven Peach, a Summercrisp Pear, and a Garfield Plantation Cherry. Our existing pears died (fireblight?), and the existing nectarine tree mostly dies back each winter, hence the improvements on the non-apple front.

It’s been almost 10 years for the trees in our “new” orchard to bear significantly, so it will be a long time before we see anything from this, but that’s the nature of these things!

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